The Outlaw Orchestra – this 3-piece from Southampton are bred from twin loves of rock-and-roll and irreverence. They’re an ‘Orchestra’ because they’re very fine musicians and they’re ‘Outlaw’ because they exude that Saturday night hell-raising, foot-stamping escapism that you look for in live music entertainment. And entertainers they are.

One radio DJ dubbed their music “Heavy Grass” stating it deserves its own name. Another described their virtuosic technical approach as like a Hillbilly-RUSH. It’s what you might expect if ZZ Top and the Rolling Stones circa 1973 joined forces – it works everywhere from honky tonk bars through to the Grand Ole Opry. Solid soul-thumping percussion backing up a front- end of driving slide guitar topped off with a banjo and lap steel. They’re a feast for eyes and ears, delivering home-grown music laced with spirit from every influence of the Deep South. Except it arrives through a veneer of very British humour. What’s not to love?

Ask the biggest crowd ever pulled at Ramblin Man’s Rising Stage, or any of the audience from their repeat invitations at the Sheffield 02 because, from club-stage to festival-stage, their magic keeps on working. From their first outing on a Planet Rock stage they graced the same bills as The Darkness, Brothers Osbourne and supported Kris Barras on his 2018 UK tour.

They are nothing if not hard-working. Having released their debut album “Pantomime Villains” in May 2020, The Outlaws followed up with a special acoustic mini-album “Powercut” and a collection of unique covers in their EP “Under the Covers” – and they are not done! The band’s 2nd full studio album “Makin’ Tracks” arrived the following year and more recently the recordings have since seen a continuation on the EP theme with ‘Back Under the Covers’ in 2022 along with the much heralded Christmas Single, with video filmed by Kris Barras.

Singles from Makin’ Tracks have earned the boys air time on Planet Rock, Chris Country and BBC Introducing and awarded top marks from HRH Mag, Maverick Magazine, Metal Planet Music, ERB and Powerplay Magazine.

The records show what serious and precise musicians they are, but it’s live that they are a joy to behold – belting out their material interlaced with anecdotes and belly-laugh stories. It’s infectious fun. They’ll leave you with a sore foot from stamping, a sore face from grinning, and a devilish bit of outlaw in your blood.

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– a Lucus Live Event

© Copyright 2024 Maid of Stone Festival – a Lucus Live Event