NitroVille’s American style and sound evoke road movie images and wide open landscapes. Raw, yet poetic, spacious and delivered with a crunching classic rock sound of two and sometimes three guitars, the band combines a grinding Southern groove with high voltage rock, with hints of bluegrass and country blues. Above all however, their song-writing always comes first.
Founded by collaborating song-writers Tola Lamont and guitarist, Kurt Michael, NitroVille quickly drew the attention of the international press which commented on the band’s rock musicianship and song writing, powerful vocals of front woman Tola Lamont and lead guitarist, Kurt Michael’s classic Southern guitar style and sound.

Their single and album releases have garnered positive coverage in international publications from UK’s own Classic Rock and Fireworks, to Germany’s Metal Hammer and Rock It, Scandinavia’s Inferno, Denmark’s Metalized and Canada’s leading publication Sleaze Roxx, considered NitroVille’s “Cheating the Hangman” as one of their favourite albums of the year.

NitroVille have toured throughout the UK and Europe extensively with many festivals big and small, from the London O2 Arena to Berlin supporting U.D.O (ACCEPT lead vocalist – Udo Dirschneider), as well as an intimate biker joint in Nashville, TN or the legendary Railroad Blues in Alpine, Texas.

With that in mind, the American West has been an inspiration to many of NitroVille’s songs. NitroVille have built a strong reputation for their mix of high voltage rock and Southern soulful grooving live shows, always involving the audience. Rather than just playing a repertoire, their live arrangements are customised and fine-tuned for a festival specific audience.

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