Everything you need to know about Maid of Stone Festival

You can also find our location via this link

Mote Park, Mote Avenue, Maidstone, Kent – ME15 7RN

You can also find our location via this link


Friday 21st July: 17:00 – 22:30 

(Campers have access from 10:00 – 00:00)

Saturday 22nd July: 11:00 – 23:00 

Sunday 23rd July: 11:00 – 23:00




Token booths can be found in both venue and campsites for campers.

Despite the possibility of having to queue at the token booth to purchase your tokens when you arrive on-site, once you have them you can be sure that the overall speed of service at both the bar and street food vendors is faster in comparison to accepting cash/card.

Operating a token system also reduces the cost of card machines, insurances, security and banking fees etc, which in turn allows us to offer you the lowest price festival tickets possible.

It can take 2-3 minutes per cash/card transaction when you take into account; card machine input, till input, card verification, which is also subject to atmospheric conditions (our wifi is satellite based due to the event site location).

A token transaction takes a matter of seconds. This speeds up service at the bar and ensures you are never waiting long for your food and drink throughout the entirety of the event.

Example (cash/card transaction times vs token transaction times):
5000 x 120 seconds = 166.6 hours
5000 x 10 seconds = 13.8 hours
Tokens are in denominations of £1.00 and must be purchased in £5.00 increments.

Tokens are non-refundable, so please only buy what you need. You’re welcome to revisit one of our arena or campsite token booths (if you’re camping) to purchase more tokens, so it’s best to buy little and often to ensure that you’re not left with any unused tokens.

Beer / Cider (Pint) – 6/7 Tokens
Spirit + Mixer (Single) – 6/7 Tokens
Wine / Prosecco – 8/9 Tokens
Soft Drinks – 2/3 Tokens

There will be Cask Ale and Cider Available

Please note, all food vendors are independent and therefore charge their own prices.

If you have any questions please see our most frequently asked question page for more details

© Copyright 2023 Maid of Stone Festival
– a Lucus Live Event

© Copyright 2023 Maid of Stone Festival – a Lucus Live Event